The Catalyst Club

Website Design
Graphic Design

Year 2020/21


Initiated in February 2019, The Catalyst Club aims to explore new perspectives on educating artists and designers in a globalized world and creates alternative modes of operating in higher art education. In weekly meetings with discussions, reading groups and other activities, the club generates spaces for sharing knowledge and developing actions using participatory practices. TCC has been developed as part of the PhD-research of Frederiek Bennema. 

Scope of the project:
Making video recordings of several meetings held by the club, that resulted on the creation of a total of 6 videos. Moreover, create The Catalyst Club website, so that it could be both an online interaction platform for the members of the club (with a blog space) and a visualization of the club learning growth (through the showcasing of the documenting videos).

The Catalyst Club
Minerva Art Academy


Overture/Aperture: The Album


Graphic Design





Overture/Aperture is an ongoing series of photography projects to which students of Minerva Art Academy and Prince Claus Conservatoire together take part in (Hanze UAS, Groningen, NL).

The Album is the 2021/22 edition of Overture/Aperture; and celebrates the union between music and photography with the redesig of album covers.

I took part in the project and made two album cover redesigns, in collaboration with saxophone student Nick Vrolichs. Our artistic visions  merged in the creation of the reinterpretations of the albums Pink Floyd “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” and Dexter Gordon “Balladas”.


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