iOverlander redesign

App Design
User Experience Design

Year 2021/22


iOverlander is an app made by and for overlanders. It enables you to discover and share places and amenities while on the road. You can also add new places to the database and leave reviews. 

I downloaded the app while road traveling through Europe, in the summer of 2021. It demonstrated to be full of great tips left by other travelers, but the app was extremely tedious to use. It was coming back from my travel, that I decided to dive into UI design and improve the app.

Designed solution:
Improvement of the app navigation, design aesthetic and user experience.

The project required starting with the concept design, doing extensive research, drawing out the app wireframes, making the design, and lastly, creating a working prototype. 

By carrying out this personal project I could practice the principles of UX & UI design and sharpen my skills in the use of softwares like Figma and Adobe XD.


client Original logo idea
Final Logo

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